Sunday, March 29, 2015

What to do this summer

Summer has officially started and although I am sadly stuck in an office most days of my life, I DO have some suggestions of places to go to or what to do for the summer for those who are luckier than I am and have a lot of free time (Oh How I miss the freelance life!) If given the chance, these are the things I would do in the next two scorching hot months:

1. Hit the beach- But of course! This should be top priority for everyone because the Philippines has some of the best beaches in the world, and if you miss out this season, you will need to wait almost 6months for the rainy season to end to enjoy the islands at their best. Some of my favorite resorts? Movenpick (Cebu) Shangri-la Boracay, Costa Pacifica (Baler)  Lagen (Palawan) and Peacock Garden (Bohol) although there are some nice places closer by. I personally love Anvaya Cove as a day or overnight beach trip.

2. Get Fit- You don't do be cooped up in a gym to get fit this summer. In fact, I encourage you to get a lot of outdoor activity instead. Play some flag football on a late afternoon (so it's not so hot) or ultimate frisbee at the beach. If you want a work out and a bit of air-conditioning (it's ok, it's summer I know how hot it can be) try a few exercises designed to make you stronger but leaner, like yoga or pilates.

3. Travel Abroad- Summer here is spring in the Northern hemisphere and Fall in Australia and New Zealand. Either way, you get the perfectly cool but not freezing climate of these countries. Europe in particular can be quite crowded in the summer and if you go towards the latter months, you might be disappointed as a lot of shops and establishments close for the holidays so go earlier, before the hoards of people start joining in the fun.

4. Learn a new language- Learning something new is always a good call, and can only enhance your life. Learning a new language can be life changing (Hello being able to speak to servers in Spanish in Spain or understand a simple conversation in French while vacationing in France) It can even open doors for you as multi-lingual speakers always have job advantages when wanting to work abroad.

5. Change your look- Whether you want to try a new make up look or finally go for that chop you have been dying for, summer, although one can argue is like any other time of year, is a season that has such a happy go lucky vibe to it, that it seems like the perfect time to make a change- with no regrets!

6, Try a new hobby- in line with learning and growing, you can also finally take those lessons you've been dying to take- but were too scared, shy or busy to! If you aren't athletic but want to try capoeira, then by all means. do it! If you manage to burn eggs when you cook, then take that short culinary course you've always dreamed of.

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