Saturday, April 25, 2015

FOOD TRAVEL: SOM TAM; Thai papaya salad

The big traveller that I am, I have recently had to curb down on my appetite for all things local on my last trip to Thailand. Considering I was there for two weeks, and Thai food is some of my favorite - this was something I regretted infinitely on my way home. The good thing is, I will be back there soon.. and will indulge fully in the most excessive fashion. So, with this food post, comes a travel tip you should all consider:

Never travel with someone who is picky with food.

Now, a great papaya salad can be found at pretty much every corner in Thailand - this one I had at a cozy little restaurant on Khao San road. The Thais like things uber-spicy so if you can't even, always ask them for a mild version. Medium spicy is still spicy, just a warning.

I'm gonna attempt my own version soon, so hang on for that - if successful, I will share it. If not..... hahaha. Let's never mention that again.

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