Friday, April 10, 2015

Travel Diaries: Marriott Manila Staycation

So, after a visit to the doctor, I learned I needed to start taking medication for something that required me to stop drinking. A travesty, I know, so to prep myself for my new life of sobriety, I checked into the Marriott on a late Friday night and planned to stay until Sunday afternoon to do nothing but relax, tan and drink copious amounts of alcohol as a last hurrah.

I know there are people who don't understand the logic in staycations, but there's just something about a king sized bed, crisp white sheets, a bathtub, a rain shower and room service that just makes you feel like life is good sometimes. Plus, buffet breakfasts and Happy Hour at the Executive Lounge ain't too shabby either.

I didn't even mind the fact that I had to work a little bit on a Saturday afternoon because hey, I had about three glasses of Chardonnay while doing so, and before that, I was tanning by the pool for a few hours, mojito in hand. The thing about staycations is that that you don't need to go far- in fact, Marriott is only 20 minutes form my house, but you get to relax and not worry about a thing, even for a night or two- AKA no need to wash dirty dishes or pick up after yourself-YAY!

Everyone knows how much I love to eat so a big highlight for me was having dinner at CRU, the steak house at the Marriott. If you are with a bunch of people, order a side each to share- I like the truffle risotto and the mac n' cheese. There's other thing son the menu but unless you are a vegetarian, you would be crazy not to order a steak. Remember: anything more than MEDIUM is a waste of a good piece of meat. The rarer the better ;p Needless to say, I rolled back into my room and fell into oblivion just minutes after getting into bed.

As if that was not enough, Marriott has champagne brunches every Sunday, so about 12 hours later, I was back downstairs with plates of food in front of me. Cru is part of the buffet, so you can get yummy prime rib as part of the package, plus unlimited amounts of champagne! I seriously don't know how I eat so much sometimes, as I get full really quickly but I had sushi, prime rib, pasta, bagnet plus tons of dessert and bubbly.

I had a great weekend, mostly by myself except for a couple of meals, and honestly, a weekend of solitude is the best thing you can give yourself especially if you are constantly busy and don't know how to relax (like me!) The one thing I am trying to learn is to do NOTHING and be ok with it and I think that a staycation every other month is in order! :)

Marriot Manila-No 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Manila, 1309 (Beside Resorts World)
Tel # (02) 988 9999

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