Sunday, April 26, 2015

TRAVEL YOUR CITY: Intramuros Pasyal

I randomly saw an event for "Intramuros Pasyal" on my Facebook last week and I clicked on it out of curiosity. I am so sick of the usual events and places to go around Makati and have been desperate for something off the beaten track, so to speak. Maybe that's why I travel so much, because I need new experiences, need to see new things, learn and get away from the same-ness of every day life.

I saw that they close down General Luna street once a month for some sort of street fair. There's food and stalls of people selling everything from used books to handmade soaps and stamps. I got to try this Red Velvet popsicle from Liq my Stick (haha love the cheeky name) made of dark cacao, cold pressed beets and coconut cream and fresh hibiscus flower. So good and healthy, as are all their other popsicles made from locally sourced fruits and veggies. If you are feeling a little naughty, you can go for their alcohol infused concoctions instead.

I've always liked Intramuros. It's one of the few areas in our city that has not been bastardized or destroyed by either the government or private companies. I love the beautiful architecture that almost makes me feel like I'm in Europe, the big cathedrals, even if I don't go to church, and during these once a month events, Barbara's sets up tables outside on the cobble stone streets where you can enjoy merienda- so Parisian, I love it!

It starts at 3 PM but if you stick around, entertainment starts at around 6 PM, with an open mic for people to sing. There's a different theme every month and this time it was (Re) Cover the City, so entertainment was all OPM covers.

Buskers are welcome- Check out Viva Manila's page on FB to keep track of when the next one will be and what activities to look forward to. As much as I love to travel abroad or out of town, there's still a lot of interesting things to see and events to attend w/n our city, and it's days like that one that reminds me that Manila ain't too bad after all :)

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