Friday, April 17, 2015

WHAT I ATE TODAY: Sweet Ecstasy

Heeeeyyyyy. I finally got to meet what people have been calling the best burger in town, and it did not disappoint- except for the fact that they only had sweet potato fries available when what I really wanted was the Ecstasy Fries! Anyway, This burger is all kinds of YES in my book. The bun is perfectly pillowy but can hold the burger and it's juiciness perfectly. It does not get soggy or fall apart which and the meat itself is full of flavor. I hate when burgers actually don't taste like anything and they use toppings and sauces to give it flavor. The beef should speak for itself, and this one definitely does.

It's a bit hot to eat there since it's summer and there's flies, but honestly, ask for a candle and enjoy your meal. I usually can't finish an entire sandwich but I ate the entire thing, and the kamote fries too! Next time I come back, I want a milkshake!

Sweet Ecstasy is located along Jupiter street, Makati

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