Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review: My Month as a Vegetarian with V Kitchen

Vegan Korean Pancake for breakfast. Addition of Kecap Manis by me :)

First and foremost, me say a few things:

1. I was vegetarian for 2 years, from 2004-2006, so this is not my first experience not eating meat. It's been really long though since I gave up meat and dairy so I consider this my first time again.

2. I cheated on weekends. I could not help it- my job requires me to do food and restaurant reviews so I had no choice.

Ok, with that out of the way, here's my experience with V Kitchen-

Being someone who is constantly hungry, AND a foodie who cooks, it's difficult for me not to eat meat. I usually have no biases when it comes to food, with the exception of exotic animals and farm animals that we don't normally eat (like horses- Hello France and Japan!) I will try anything once.

Although I allow myself this luxury, I also keep things in moderation, to stay healthy and fit, so being vegetarian for three weeks was both a challenge and a gift to me, to see how far I can go. I'll tell you straight, I don't think I can ever go back to strict vegetarian living, but after this program, I can say that I can skip the meat at least 3 times a week. I love feeling full but not bloated or feeling like I have a rock in my stomach for hours (as meat tends to make me feel) and I liked being able to regularly go to the toilet ( FIBER!) 

Don't get me wrong, this meal delivery is not all rabbit food. There's pasta, tacos and other starchy foods so don't expect something completely low calorie, but the lack of animal fat on the menu sure does help and keeps it healthy. Plus, servings are just right and won't leave you hungry. In fact, I could not finish my food sometimes ( although I do have a weirdly small stomach capacity)

Here were some of my favorite meals:

Vegan Gyoza and Cha han Quinoa- so tasty and filling. I finished this and wanted more!

Tofu Katsu Curry with Quinoa- Again, a super filling meal you won't miss the pork at all!

Cauliflower Tempura with Orange Sauce- Who says cauliflower is boring! Not when it's battered and smothered in citrus!

Matcha and dark chocolate Muffin for breakfast- A sweet, dairy free way to start your day!

I was generally happy with all my meals, save for some that, not that there was anything wrong with them, were just really not my general taste. During those times, I simply just made myself something at home with no meat.

One suggestion I have for V Kitchen is that sandwiches should come disassembled, because sometimes the bread gets soggy, and cannot be reversed even when I toast it. I feel the taste and presentation is compromised when that happens. Other than that, no complaints at all. I felt full, satisfied and happy.

For those who want to kickstart a healthier lifestyle OR try out vegetarianism to see if they can hack it, this is a good first step. I highly recommend trying it for a month to see if it's your thing.

You can find V Kitchen on Instagram and Facebook: @vkitchen.manila on IG and V Kitchen Manila on Facebook

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