Thursday, May 21, 2015

What I ate today: Hey Jude Pizza in Boracay

The legend lives on. I just got back from a half traumatizing, half regenerating weekend in Boracay. For all those of you who have been partygoers in the past, if you have frequented Boracay in the past, then you know the legendary Hey Jude Bar. It's where I, 9 years ago accepted a summer job as a bartender during the busy summer months, and where I met all the people who have become such an integral part in my being, people I will never stop calling my family.

After a quick hiatus when the structure of D'Mall beachfront changed, Hey Jude opened another joint, this time on the more peaceful Angol, which is in station 3. Hey Jude South Beach has rooms, a bar and a restaurant, and so when my friend Christine and I spent the day at South Beach, we just had to have the Hey Jude Pizza - some might say a pizza is a pizza, but this one conjures up feelings in me like no other.. Pizza.

Check out Hey Jude South Beach near Red Pirates, Station 3 Boracay Island

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