Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Because Berlin. Döner Kebabs for days #WIAT

I wish it was a #WIAT but really it's more like #WIAAMIB: WHAT I ATE ALL MONTH IN BERLIN.

Döner Kebabs is a Turkish sandwich made of meat shavings grilled on a rotisserie, served with a salad and a series of sauces. Also, it is made of "now I am officially fat." NO REGRETS. I scoured all of Berlin to find the best one IMHO and found one around the corner from Alexanderplatz, which I ate without shame in front of my little sister who was fasting for Ramadan. Without shame, I tell you.

If you're ever in Berlin, you need to include one in your itinerary immediately, or sin multiple times, the way I did. Because Döner Kebabs are pretty synonymous to Berlin.. ain't no Berlin without Döner Kebabs.

Okay, I'm hungry now.

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