Friday, September 4, 2015

Annecy #TravelFeature

I was planning my France trip, and had an extra day before I planned to head back to Paris from Lyon, so I asked for suggestions for where I could go for a day or two and Annecy was mentioned a couple of times. Prior to that, I had no idea where Annecy was or how beautiful this town is, but upon googling and clicking on a few pictures, I was sold.

Annecy is located in the Rhone-Alps in the Southeast region of France, right at the Northern tip of Lake Annecy. It is only 40 km away from Geneva and has been called the Venice of the Alps. Lake Annecy is also Europe's cleanest lake, and you will most likely see people swimming in it or doing water sports.

I only spent 24 hours here, and although it was enough due to the small size of the town, I wish I had one more day just to hang out by the lake, have a crepe and a kir at one of the cafes and just write in my journal or watch people go by. Although it is VERY touristy, it is also beautiful and charming and old, and honestly, it won't bother you one bit.

I rented an airbnb apartment while there, about a 7 minute walk to old town Annecy and the lake, so it was perfect. It was on a quiet street away from the tourists but not far from anything worth seeing. I had one day there, so I asked my host to suggest a place I could have a nice meal at, since it will probably be my only meal there. She suggested a restaurant called L'Etage, that serves traditional food from the area ( her suggestion was Tartiflette- which is basically potatoes, cream, bacon, onions and reblochon cheese, but I had a "Tarticrepe" earlier that day, with the same ingredients in crepe form, so I opted for something else)

 Behold, my starter. I would have been happy with this alone- Baked eggs with cream, black truffle, mushrooms and chunks of foie gras. I think I had my eyes closed the entire time I was eating it.

Next course was grilled sirloin, cooked rare, with shallots and a decadent bone marrow- one of my favorite things to eat! Some people find it gross but I could eat it all day! I managed about half this steak, because although I am constantly hungry, my stomach capacity is actually not as big as the average person's. This came with fries and a salad. Ate half the fries, ignored the salad. HAHA!

No photo, but dessert was strawberry mint soup with lime sorbet, and although I was bursting, it was a great palate cleanser and I happily walked home and rubbed my belly in bed! I ate all that for only 35 euros. Plus, I had a Kir before my meal.

It's hard not to fall in-love with this town, and it's only 2 hours from Lyon, a stone's throw from Geneva and 4 hours from Paris! I definitely recommend an overnight or 2 night trip if your schedule permits.

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