Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beauty Buzz: Eyebrow Extensions

My make up looks have changed several times through out the years, but one thing never changes- I usually play up my eyes and leave my lips bare or apply nude lipsticks that mimic or enhance my natural lip color.

One frustration I think most ladies have is having to deal with our eyebrows on a daily basis. I have days when I feel like my brows are perfect, and therefore I am invincible, and other days when I don't want to leave my house because one eyebrow looks better than the other.

My friend has a salon called Xtensions that specializes in eyebrow and eyelash extensions. I've gotten eyelash extensions in the past, but brows? "How?" I was thinking. So I went over to their Greenhills branch to try it out.

Like eyelash extensions, hair is glued to your brows one by one. Make sure you have a lot of time on your hands, because this is definitely not a quick in and out service. It took a few hours to get both my eyebrows done. It took a little bit of getting used to because I had no make up on that day and I suddenly had these bold brows, but once I did my face the next day ( photo above!) they looked great!

  • No more daily eyebrow pencil application.
  • No need to worry if your brows look good, because they will look good all day!
  • Perfect framing of your face. You can consult as to which shape will suit you best.
  • It lasts about 3 weeks- month, if you take care of it properly.
  • You can wear less make up since your brows are already done.
  • You need to be really careful. No soaping your face or rubbing your brows or you will see the hair falling off little by little, causing gaps in your brows. And since you can't apply make up to your eyebrows, you have to live with those gaps.
  • It takes awhile to get done. Definitely not a lunch break activity.
  • Sometimes when you don't have make up on, they look a bit strong on your face, or maybe I'm really just not used to it!

 Check out Xtensions on the 4th Floor of Virra Mall in Greenhills Shopping Center. 
Telephone: 5606195

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