Monday, November 16, 2015


Unlike my blog partner Erica, I am no expert in makeup. But bear with me while I attempt my most simplified Pretty Pop look, as I got challenged by NIVEA to do. And since I am in the city at the moment, what better way to cheer up a dreadful day sitting in traffic, but with a bright baby pink lip?

I also got to try the new NIVEA facial cleansing wipes, which I have to say, prove really useful in creating this look, as it is completely unavoidable that we will all make mistakes, especially while attempting a tricolor eye color. I'm a huge fan of these facial wipes, because they have just the right amount of cleansing product on them, and I am always in a hurry, even on normal days, and after long nights out, so I always always always make sure I have a stash of these wipes ready.

Thank you NIVEA for sending me a box of makeup to play with, and for helping me overcome my fear of creating my first ever video blog. Make sure you guys check out their facial cleansing wipes, and also my new favorite, the exfoliating wipes, which make your cleansing and nourishing routine easy and hassle-free to maintain.

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