Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Erica's Travels: Club Paradise Part 2

There's a small island across from Club Paradise, about a 15 minute boat ride away, where you can request to have lunch with a group or with your special someone. My date for the few days I was there was my good friend Amanda so we were treated to a private lunch where we were the only ones on the whole island.

Grilled Filipino lunch of fish, liempo and veggies with fresh fruits for dessert

Add captionThe view from the boat on the way to the island

With my lovely friend, on a lovely island, having a lovely time.

It was suggested to us that we also go snorkeling, and at first we were so lazy to, but I'm glad we went and did it. So close to the shore, you will find schools of fish- and I mean thousands at a time, that you can follow around until they decide to leave, you will also spot some stingrays and starfish but watch out for the jellyfish!

See all those fish? And you don't even have to swim far!

I am reminiscing and writing this as I am in still not quite spring Paris, and it's making me miss the tropics so much! In my opinion, Palawan is one of the beach treasures we still have that has developments and resorts, but still seems so untouched. This was only my second time in Coron, but it is definitely at the top of my list, and Club Paradise gives you a good middle ground between rustic and nature-y ( You can do sunrise hikes to the highest point of the island, passing through the small lake where the giant resident monitor lizards live!) and a high end place where you feel like you are being taken care of 247 by the staff.

Love love love this place. Be back next time!

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