#ManicMonday (Thirty Minute Meals)
Oh No! Another week to spoil your weekend fun! The last thing you want to do is think of what to make for dinner, but a girl's gotta eat! 30 minute Meal Mondays will help kickstart your week in the kitchen- as gently as possible. 

#HowTo (Fitness)

Make sure you are doing your work outs the right way! Here we show you how to do the perfect squat, crunches and the best yoga poses plus more.


#TuesdayTummy (Clean/ Healthy Options)
We believe being healthy is not a trend, but a lifestyle and for those who are trying to get their foot in the door, here are some healthy recipes that don't compromise flavor and won't ever leave you hungry!

#LikeSo (Fashion)
Want to know how to wrap a turban, knot a tie or wear your boyfriend's t-shirt in style? We've got the answers for you in our “How to” section for fashion and beauty.


#WIAT (What I ate today/ Restaurant Review)
We love to cook and we love trying out different types of cuisine. Consider this our shameless indulgence of food porn as we eat our way through every restaurant in the country.

#AllTheRage (Fitness/Health Trends)
Hear about a new trend in the fitness world and want to know more about it? Here we will explain the supposed benefits of cutting out sugar, what gluten free really means and the difference between vegetarian and vegan, plus heaps more.


#TryThis (Product Review)
Do you ever see things in the grocery store and want to buy it, but have no idea what to do with it? Let us test them out for you and give you suggestions!

#TrendyThursday (Fashion)
What's hot and what's not? What should you try and what just goes way too much into victim territory? Are there really rules when it comes to fashion? All here on Trendy Thursdays!


#TGIFTOAST (Cocktail of the week)
After a tiring work week, don't we all just want to put our feet up and unwind, cocktail in hand? Here are recipes for some liquid relaxation to start your weekend right.

Everything beauty related here! From skin care to what make-up looks to try, check this out for tips!


#SoulFoodSaturday (Hearty Eats/Comfort Food)
Like any well-rounded woman, we like to indulge every so often. Isn't the good stuff what makes life so much more fun? Here are recipes that will warm your tummy, and your soul. And yes, we use lots of butter!

#WOOTW (Work Out of the Week)
Working out does not have to be boring! Sometimes, you need to think less of how many calories you are burning and more about just being more active. Here you will find reviews and photos of classes, workouts and sports that we have tried and what we really think of them.

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