Dane started her first blog, www.trustme-itsparadise.blogspot.com,  an eternity ago, spent 6 years on Boracay Island, shaving half her head, kitesurfing and walking barefoot, finally packing her things, wandering off to Morocco for 4 months post-breakup,  and missing the Philippines, which ultimately brought her back to the city, in an effort to "grow up" - something that has yet to be proven an accomplished task. She then spent nearly two years in the nightlife industry, getting paid to start Champagne showers, before admitting to being "too old for this" and trying to become more “normal” by diving headfirst into the corporate scene.

She stays sane by teaching kitesurfing camps, satisfying her wanderlust, writing for her blog www.renegadeloverrr.blogspot.com, and doing everything within her power to avoid the dating scene. A frustrated photographer and a hopeless philosopher, when she grows up she would like to write a book and have little long haired surf-babies and spend her days baking ice-cream cakes and gardening while drinking whiskey.

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