Erica is a walking contradiction that somehow manages to make sense most of the time. She loves to cook and eat as much as she loves to work out, She loves girly, boho fashion but has a million tattoos, she's addicted to travel and is constantly bouncing in and out of Manila, but she actually hates flying, she's a mother to a ten year old, but could pass for someone fresh out of college. 

Apart from this craziness, she is also a seasoned writer, former magazine editor, and a certified make-up artist. She also finds cooking therapeutic so you will most likely find her in the kitchen inventing a new recipe, with a full wine glass in hand, of course.


  1. my super idol...keep following you on IG...and finally here...good luck to you and dane...happy for this page...feels really good to know how you keep your body in shape...

  2. Thanks for the support Joyce! Hope you keep coming back!

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